Tarot Card Reading by Kate


What is Tarot?

 A tarot card reading is a snap shot of which energies are currently around you affecting your daily life.

The reading gives an indication of what events will occur in your life as it is currently mapped out.  Of course, we all have free will to change our own circumstances, so nothing is set in stone.

You are in charge of your own destiny.  Tarot is the guiding hand of insight into your future.


Limited Bookings:

 I limit the bookings available to a minimum each week.  This allows me to put a significant amount of time and effort into each reading.  A lot of heart, soul and energy is invested into your personal tarot card reading.


After You Have Paid:

After you have paid for your reading, please message me on the store contact page.  Please provide email contact details and ask one clear question for your reading.

I will contact you to let you know when the reading will be done.  I always do them as soon as possible, but be prepared to wait up to 3-4 working days from payment date.


How it works:

 I will shuffle the cards while asking the question you have given me. 

A good example is:

'What does Sally need to know about getting a new job?'


'What does John need to know from the cards today?'


The cards are laid out in a spread suitable for your question.  Each card will be read while using intuition and tuning into your energy.


What do you receive?

 I will type your reading into a word document and email it to you, along with a photo of your spread.

In addition to your reading, a bonus card will be chosen for you to keep.  A printed copy of your reading and the bonus card will be sent to you by regular letter post.

Certain words may resonate as you read the tarot  reading.  A good sign is feeling tingles or goose bumps on your body.

Save your reading to return to at any time, opening yourself to new insights and messages. If nothing resonates today, it can make sense in the future.  Often you will have a light bulb moment later on and everything becomes clear.



Clients must be aged over 18 years.

Health or third party readings will not be considered.

Any information given by you to Taromatics for the purpose of the reading is confidential. Your details and reading are private and will never be shared with a third party.

A card reading should be considered as 'entertainment' and Taromatics cannot be held responsible for the eventual outcome of your personal reading.