Bach Flower Essence Custom Blend

Bach Flower Essence Custom Blend

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Flower essences are subtle remedies that work to gently heal your body emotionally on the vibrational level.  Bach flower remedies are made by a sun infusion of flowers, a process which imprints the energetic healing qualities into the water. Dr Edward Bach created 38 flower remedies to heal and balance specific emotional patterns.

Your 25 ml bottle of custom blend is made from up to 5 Bach Original Flower Remedies and spring water, with brandy to preserve the tincture.

Choose the flower essences which you feel intuitively drawn to.

To order:

1. Select ‘Custom Blend Bach Flower Remedy’ from the drop down list, priced at $19.95.

2. Select up to 5 flower remedies from the drop down list and add each one individually to your shopping cart. They are listed at $0 each.

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies

Agrimonypositive state is openness

Keywords: Addiction, unhappy, anxiety, insomnia.

Putting on a brave face but feeling inner turmoil.  Your smile is a mask for unhappiness and anxiety.

Aspenpositive state is reassurance.

Keywords: unknown fear, worries and fears.

You feel on edge but don't know why.  Appearing agitated for no apparent reason.

Beechpositive state is tolerance and compassion for others.

Keywords: intolerance, critical, lack of compassion.

You feel intolerant and critical of others, struggling to see the good and the beauty in all that surrounds you.

Centaury: the positive state is assertiveness.

Key words: unable to say no, imposed upon, bullied, tired, timid, passive, quiet, lack energy.

A good natured person who is over-anxious to help others, while neglecting your own goals in life.

Cerato: positive state is guidance and self assurance.

Keywords: confirmation, seeking advice, do not trust self judgement.

You lack confidence to make your own decisions; feeling unsure, you constantly seek advice from others.

Cherry Plumpositive state is composure.

Keywords: losing control, temper tantrums, abusive, rage, explode.

You feel like you're losing control, possibly with thoughts of doing fearful and dreaded things.

Chestnut Bud: positive state is insight to learn from the past.

Keywords: learning, repeating mistakes.

You keep repeating the same mistakes in life.

Chicory: positive state is release.

Keywords: overprotective, possessive, critical, nagging, easily offended, manipulating, demanding.

You are overprotective of loved ones, trying to manipulate and control them: unable to step back and let them live their own lives.

Clematis: positive state is focus and increased interest in daily tasks.

Keywords: day dreaming, withdrawn, lack of concentration.

You are out of touch with reality as you live in your own dream world.  You may be accident prone and every day tasks do not interest you.

Crab Apple: positive state is acceptance of yourself.

Keywords: cleansing, feeling unclean, obsessive, poor self image.

You are having a hard time accepting your own self image, feeling preoccupied with perceived imperfections.

Elm: positive state is support and self assurance.

Keywords: depression, overwhelmed by responsibilities, despondent, exhaustion.

You feel overwhelmed by responsibilities, feeling depressed as you feel like you can't handle everything that there is to do; not taking time out for yourself.

Gentian: positive state is encouragement to cope with setbacks.

Keywords: depressed, discouraged.

You are easily discouraged when faced with difficulties.

Gorse: positive state is hope.

Keywords: hopelessness, despair, pessimistic

You feel downhearted and lack hope.

Heather: positive state is to be heard without driving others away.

Keywords: talkative, demand attention, lonely

You talk about yourself a lot, oversharing your own ailments and problems, finding it hard to be alone.

Holly: positive state is goodwill and to be generous hearted.

Keywords: envious, jealous, hate, insecure, jealous, lacks compassion.

You need to overcome the feeling of hate, jealousy or envy towards others.

Honeysuckle: positive state is to live in the present moment.

Keywords: homesick, nostalgic, bereaved.

Your mind is stuck in the past with an over-attachment to past memories. An inability to learn from past mistakes and move on.

Hornbeam: positive state is resolve, able to face the day with energy and a clear head.

Keywords: weary, tired, overworked, procrastination, doubt own abilities.

You lack motivation to start something new, feeling mentally drained with Mondayitis, feeling stale and lacking variety.

Impatiens: positive state is patience, to think and act less hastily.

Keywords: impatience, irritated, frustrated, hasty.

You feel frustrated when people or things move too slowly.

Larch: the positive state is confidence.

Keywords: depressed, lack of confidence, discouraged.

You lack confidence in your abilities and feel inferior to others around you.


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